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August 14, 2009

Many thanks to:

Tom Rathborne - tom.rathborne@gmail.com

... and everyone who attended!

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  1. Diamond Dorje
    2005 - 24" square Chromira print of an artifact of computation.

    The horse and rider from Eadweard Muybridge's (see also Artsy.net page) movie race down the level sets of the Mandelbrot set, followed by Julia edges. The interior of the Mandelbrot set contains a Julia set resembling a Dorje. The image hangs as a Prayer flag.

    Diamond Dorje - photo Diamond Dorje - image

  2. Welcome back
    2009 - artifact of computation, displayed across 3 LCD monitors.

    Four Mandelbrot sets nested by using the next Mandelbrot set as the escape test, coloured according to each Mandelbrot calculation's iteration count and final z coordinate. Each nesting level is rotated by the same incremental angle, resulting in many spirals.

    Welcome back - image

  3. Windhorse
    2009 - Colour laser print of an artifact of computation.
    Zoetrope strip, work in progress.

    This series of zoetrope strips (only one is shown here) shows another of Eadweard Muybridge's horse and rider galloping past Tibetan prayer flags which flow in the level sets of morphing Julia set projections.

    Windhorse - image

    Windhorse - photo Windhorse - animation
      (click for zoetrope simulation!)

  4. Black Combs
    2007 - 20"x13.5" Chromira print of some artifacts of computation.

    These three images were rendered in UltraFractal using a custom formula. The lines traversing the image are a result of the escape test fractal's edge extending inside the traditional escape test, the circle of radius 2 centred at (0+0i).

    Black Combs - photo Black Combs - image

  5. Ultrasense
    2000 - 22"x7" Chromira print of an artifact of computation.

    Just like "Welcome back", but with a different rotation and colouring.

    Ultrasense - photo Ultrasense - image

  6. Did not graduate - photo Did not graduate
    1999-2009 - 32.5"x10" Chromira print of digital composite
    of artifacts of computation and high-resolution scan.

    I attended the University of Waterloo from 1993 to 1998 and left needing only two more mathematics courses to get a B.Math with a minor in Philosophy.

    Did not graduate - image

  7. Harvest 2007   Infrared portraits
    2007 - Chromira print of images straight from the camera.

    Photos taken around the campfire on Sunday morning with a Nikon CoolPix 950, Harrison Duraline 630μ IR filter, and (in top right and bottom left) Nikon FC-E8 Fisheye Converter.

    Harvest 2007 Infrared Portraits

  8. Grandad
    2002 - 24"x30" Durst Lambda B&W print of photomosaic from B&W 35mm negatives.
    Project completed in 1 week.

    Grandad - image This photomosaic portait of my Grandad and namesake, Thomas Roderick Wingate, is made up of photos from the 1940s and onwards which were found in a trunk after he passed away in October 2002.

    Grandad - photo

  9. enough
    2006 - 30"x48" Chromira print of an artifact of computation.

    The spine of this image is the flattened cardioid of a Mandelbrot set whose level set edges are Julia set projections, mirrored in c-space but not in z-space.

    enough - image enough - photo

  10. Infrared Fisheye photos
    2007 & 2009 - Chromira print of images straight from the camera.

    Left: Burning Man 2007, riding a motorized bed. Right: At home under a clear sky.

    Taken with a Nikon CoolPix 950, Harrison Duraline 630μ IR filter, and Nikon FC-E8 Fisheye Converter.

    Infrared Fisheyes - image Infrared Fisheyes - photo

  11. Slow Progress
    2001-2009 - Dow Corning 3179 Dilatant Compound flowing into green alien dacquiri glass.

    The 3179 Dilatant Compound (aka Silly Putty, translucent white colour) has been flowing for over eight years now, but has not yet reached the alien's feet.

    Slow Progress - photo

  12. British Museum 2001
    2001 - Manual darkroom prints from B&W film.

    From left to right: Egyptian Treasure, Surprised Japanese Tourist, Egyptian Treasure, Roof of the British Museum.

    British Museum 2001 - photo

  13. Light Truck
    2009 - Chromira print of images straight from the camera.

    The same shot, taken with a Nikon CoolPix 950, and (left image only) Harrison Duraline 630μ IR filter. Mounted around a corner from each other so you couldn't quite see them at the same time.

    Light Truck - photo Light Truck - image

  14. Lego Bathroom
    2009 - Installation.

    I chose the paint colours for my bathroom by making a Lego maquette. All of my Lego was in the bathtub, and my oldest Space Lego set instructions were framed on the walls.

    Lego Bathroom - photo Lego Maquette - photo
    Lego Instructions Start -  photo Lego Instructions End - photo

  15. Video Compilation
    Video Compilation - photo


    1. Four - improvised dance video recorded with a PXL2000.
      [MPEG-PS file: MPEG1 video, MPEG2 audio]

    2. UltraFractal animated fractal loops:
      [AVI files: cvid video, no audio]
      1. Cardion
      2. Figured
      3. ItFigures
      4. Lashing
      5. ReciprocEight
      6. Triploid
      7. Zurbulent2
      8. Zurbulent

    3. Welcome back - monochrome animated loop.
      [Animated GIF file]

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